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Erasers - Pulse Points (Green Vinyl)

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'Constant Connection' is the new album from Perth-based duo Erasers. Forming as a home recording project over a decade ago, they documented their early sound in a steady flow of CD-Rs, tapes and 7" releases before signing to U.S. label Fire Talk for their subsequent releases, including 2019’s Pulse Points, which Bandcamp called 2019’s Pulse Points “their best album yet”, “recalling the bombed-out electronic textures of Low’s recent work.” Having shared the stage with artists such as The Soft Moon, Grouper and Prince Rama, their live show is a trance masterclass weaving organ drones and snaking guitar-and-synth interplay with Rebecca Orchard's towering incantations. Inspired by their discontent with current world affairs as well as a fascination with 1970s National Geographic, the dreamy, synth-driven soundscapes of new album Constant Connection (via Fire Talk & Night School in the UK) continue the pair’s gift for melding ambient beats and drone-y vocals into a hypnotizing format, offering an eye into the interiors of a world that’s mesmerizing in its soft-focused lens. Staying true to the psychedelic minimalism and definitive pop-structures that remain key components of the band’s signature sound, the new record refines their journey deeper into dreamy territory that feels comforting in all its subdued form.


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