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Why Bonnie - Wish On The Bone (Compact Disc)

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Wish On The Bone' is Why Bonnie's sophomore LP and debut for Fire Talk. It's untethered from any landscape or genre, propelled by this freedom and resulting in Why Bonnie's most catchy, hopeful body of work to-date. Ranging from twangy country infused rock jams to more intimate and lo-fi arrangements, ‘Wish on the Bone’ is wide-eyed and waiting. It’s a coming of age film in which the protagonist rejects the forces that have tried, and failed, to shape her into something other than herself. It leaves you with a hard-fought sense of hope, which is among songwriter Blair Howerton’s greatest gifts. “You owe it to the people who are experiencing the worst to just keep pushing,” Howerton says. That’s the throughline of “Wish On The Bone”, a record that rewards with repeated listens.


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